27 July 2014

Did not make any progress on the NetBSD front today, too busy getting a new office chair, so I'm not using one from our lawn furniture anymore. But enough about this little box.

I spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning building AOSP for my Nexus 5. The first build I just tried to build the master branch and that ended poorly. The next one I actually built the latest release, but I forgot to switch out my drivers for the right version(oops). I guess that's a less to me to make sure my next can be used without binary blobs(if I can even find one that meets those standards). But now I've got a pure AOSP phone and I'm skipping the Google Play store altogether.

I have F-Droid installed as my only app source and I'm sticking with free/open source software only. Unfortuntatly I can't seem to find a good/working weather app that meets that criteria. Instead of seeimg that as a bad thing, I think it's an opportuntiy for me to learn a bit of Android development for a something I'll actually use, instead of useless practice apps I've made in the past.

27 July 2014

Well I've got a basic spreadsheet set up, so things look a little better. Still not dynamic stuff. Haven't gotten around to it, and to be honest, building a blog in PHP or Perl isn't exactly the most interesting project I can think of, so it may not happen for a while. I also had some plans for NetBSD in place of Arch(simply because I don't have anything running NetBSD and this seems as good a place as any). That'll probably happen before any sort of dynamic content blog. I'm going to try to at least get started on it today but it probably won't be this weekend.

24 July 2014

Welcome to my $7 webserver. It's a PogoPlug v4 running Arch Linux. I might install NetBSD at a later date, but it's Arch for now. I'll probably keep it all static content, but I might see how far it'll go with a blog written in Perl or PHP. Database will probably be my issue, but sqlite might work.

Anyway, there's not much to it for now. If I do keep it all static HTML, I'll at least try to spruce things up with some stylesheets and add some content.